Safe & Sound Pods for Adults and Children with Autism/Special Needs

Located in West Yorkshire, Sandholme Sawmill is the home of Creative Care Limited. Based in West Yorkshire we are a small manufacturing company incorporating both engineering and sewing. Back in 1998, one of our friends was having a hard time with her autistic son. Eight years of not sleeping properly, his ability to get into dangerous situations and his continuous banging on windows and walls were making the situation untenable...

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The Team

Our people are what make our company



Tom is one of the Founding Directors and has many years experience in the Aerospace & outdoor equipment manufacturing industries, creating innovations in sleeping technology.



Michelle is Co Founder of the brand and has extensive experience in the clothing manufacturing industry. Her knowledge is what gives strength of quality to our products.


Production Manager

Paul is the stitching that holds our incredibly busy production line together. His experience in the production line manufacturing is invaluable to our companies success in fulfilment.


Junior Designer

Julie creates handcraft designs for the pods corner sections. Her design skills are friendly and create a warm safe finish to all our products.