ExportsSafe & Sound, Safety Sleeping Pods

Safety beds for Autism, Epilepsy, challenging behaviour and more.

The Safe & Sound Mini is our smallest pod. The internal size is 1.9m x 0.9m (75″ x 35.5″) (single bed size)and  it needs a floor space of 2.3m x 1.3m (90.5″ x 51″)  in the room. Its small size makes it ideal for use in the smaller bedroom or in a larger room shared with a sibling. It is intended to be used as a safe bed for people with anything from Epilepsy to Autism. Whilst it is tough enough to cope with any amount of challenging behaviour we have had some very good results with sleep problems and Autism. The independent report  by Manchester  OT   Sara Rodway case study shows that these pods can offer a real alternative to Melatonin as well as offering a safe space to sleep during the night.

The Mini comes as standard with:-

125mm(5″)  Built in foam mattress that cannot be lifted, fitted with a cover to suit the user ( bite resistant, soft  Antibac, Super soft )

Built in plinth with height adjustable legs.

Choice of three different wall heights (1.4m  1.7m  2m )  (55″  67″  79″)

Colours and Corner designs to your tastes.

Optional extras:-

Zip in netting roof.

Hi-Lo bed feature (turn your pod into an amazing Hi-Lo bed)

Video Showcase

Choose your colours: Main walls should be low sensory to aid sleep.

Safe & Sound Mini, Midi, Maxi, Custom & Travel & NEW Hi-Lo feature

  Strong steel and aluminium frame with wipe clean PVC textile that’s been designed for tool-less quick and easy self-assembly.

  Side walls customised to your needs and the layout of the room. Sketch a plan view of the room, and we will advise you on what is possible. Generally we can provide extra access doors and zip out soft windows to enable access to the room’s windows, or viewing panels to enable wall mounted TVs to be seen, and much more.

  1.4m and 2m wall heights (Maxi in 2m only). Low wall heights are only suitable for people that have limited mobility and cannot climb. High walls are ideal for more mobile people and can, if required be fitted with a detachable netting roof. Both low and high walls are capable of withstanding kicking, pushing, biting and general rough handling.

  Built in plywood floor with either 75mm Foam floor (Midi, Maxi) or 125mm Mattress on the Mini.

  Detachable padded corner covers that can be changed to reflect new décor or tastes.

  All 2m High models are fitted with an accessory zip to enable a netting panel to be fitted to the roof if this is required.