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Special Needs Travel Bed And Safe & Sound Pod Accessories

Stylish, tough but lightweight and very compact, our  special needs travel bed offers the chance to reduce the stress when visiting relatives and going on holiday.

Made from aircraft specification aluminium tube and 3D printed Kevlar corner brackets, its built in camp bed style bed base means the travel does not need a bulky foam mattress or an air bed to ensure a comfy nights sleep. The travel packs down into two small transport bags designed to fit between the wheel arches of even the smallest cars.

The Safe & Sound Travel is suitable for children and adults up to a maximum of 90KG, for those with challenging behaviour likely to use physical force a stability kit will be required.


  • External size  216cm x 103cm x 178cm high
  • Internal size 192cm x 84cm x 145cm High
  • Travel packs in two transport bags 28cm Dia x 100cm long , total weight 25kg

DID YOU KNOW YOUR POD CAN TRAVEL FOR FREE?  declare your travel pod as medical equipment and most airlines will carry it for no extra charge. If you’re worried about loss or damage to your pod Fish insurance can cover it for you. Contact for more details.

NEW FOR 2020:  due to popular demand the travel pod is now available with a roll up wall style wall at the front offering easier access.

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Charitable Funding For Safe & Sound Pods

Sadly council funding is all but none existent for special needs travel beds. However please see our list of charity funders who have been great at helping people to purchase these.

Standard Travel in a range of different designs:- £1765.70
Stability Kit to prevent tipping in cases of challenging behaviour:- £153.00
50mm Foam mattress to enable use of normal bedding :- £65.00

Please note the fabric used in our travel pods is designed for light weight and compactness it is not wipe clean and will reqiure cleaning in a bath or jet washing from time to time. For extended use in homes we can offer a full custom made fabric (wipe cleanable) in addition or in place of the travel version. These can be produced in a range of fabrics and designs to best suit the user, please ask for details.

Still not sure?  Then read the independent product reviews at :-

Choose your colours: Main walls should be low sensory to aid sleep.

Safe & Sound Mini, Midi, Maxi, Custom & Travel & NEW Hi-Lo feature

  Strong steel and aluminium frame with wipe clean PVC textile that’s been designed for tool-less quick and easy self-assembly.

  Side walls customised to your needs and the layout of the room. Sketch a plan view of the room, and we will advise you on what is possible. Generally we can provide extra access doors and zip out soft windows to enable access to the room’s windows, or viewing panels to enable wall mounted TVs to be seen, and much more.

  1.4m and 2m wall heights (Maxi in 2m only). Low wall heights are only suitable for people that have limited mobility and cannot climb. High walls are ideal for more mobile people and can, if required be fitted with a detachable netting roof. Both low and high walls are capable of withstanding kicking, pushing, biting and general rough handling.

  Built in plywood floor with either 75mm Foam floor (Midi, Maxi) or 125mm Mattress on the Mini.

  Detachable padded corner covers that can be changed to reflect new décor or tastes.

  All 2m High models are fitted with an accessory zip to enable a netting panel to be fitted to the roof if this is required.